What We Do

Web development.

Back-end development.
We've been developing on top of the Microsoft stack (asp.NET/SQL Server) as long as they've been around.
Front-end development.
HTML5/jQuery/CSS3, yes we know it. And responsive web design (RWD) too.
UI/UX - elegant, clean, user friendly designs.

Kentico CMS development.

We create websites using Kentico CMS, which cuts down development time and makes maintaining web sites, intranets, online stores, and community sites a breeze.

Learn more here,

Interested more in the CMS? Just ask and we'll set you up with a login so you can see for yourself everything it has to offer.

Practice Agile.

Scrum, daily stand-ups, user stories, Kanban, sprints, epics... We've been using the Agile Methodology and working with companies modified versions of it for years. We prefer Trello for our task manager, but we've used just about everyone one out there.

Work with agencies.

Do you have the project management down and the design handled? Maybe you even have the design converted to markup and you're missing that final development piece. Let us join your team and work together to make that client happy.

Agencies will often come in at step 5 or 6 in How We Do It.

We'll stay connected

Throughout the entire process, we’ll communicate and collaborate with you and your existing team. We’re available during U.S. business hours via phone, email, Skype, Slack, and/or face-to-face meetings. Do you need us to make daily stand-ups? We can do that.

How We Do It

1Project assessment
Meet to determine if Dahlin Development is the right fit for your project, based on your project objectives, technology needs, budget, and timelines.
We're right for you! Now let's get this party started. Let's talk about whose going to do what. When will we all be checking in? It's time to lay down some milestones.
3Requirements Gathering
Deep dive into the finer details of what we're here to accomplish
Sitemaps, wireframes, mockups.
5Design (Phase II)
Structure, look & feel are signed-off on. Now it's time to create final designs.
6Front-end Development
Time to convert that great looking design to the web (html/css/javascript)
7Back-end Development
Looks great, now make it actually work and interact like we want it to.
8Quality Assurance (QA)
Review site to ensure it meets objectives. Check links, content, graphics, forms, notifications, etc.
9Bug fixes
We hope that we get it right the first time, but if not, here is where we fix the bugs.
Get the site up and running in Production. Our host, your host, third party host, we're here to help.
Get your team together. It's time to learn how to manage your site. This is often done on a conference call with screen sharing.
12Ongoing Support
If something comes up, we're ready to jump on it. Want new features, we're happy to implement them.
13Happy Client
We hope you're happy. Referrals are welcome. :) That is how we get most of our business.