Kentico Tip : Make Form Control High Visibility

by Joel Dahlin on October 24, 2015

Kentico Tip : Make Form Control High Visibility

I really like to use the Media Libraries to store images. By default to add a text field that uses a Media Selection control to populate the field you have to click (more items....) when selecting the control. It is minimal but I find the time adds up when adding a lot of Page Types with Images and having to search for it every time. Time = Money.

When I first setup Kentico for a new site I change this to make it pull up on the initial control selection. This can be done by going into the Form controls application and finding the form control., in this example Media Selection.

Then there is a checkbox for "High priority" under the General section, check it. Done. Now when you want to use a Media Selection control for a textbox it is right there for you to select.

This is a simple tip, but I find it saves you a lot of time. I do it for media selection and Url Selector controls.

media selection


Ilesh Mistry
This is an awesome tip Joel!!!
10/25/2015 8:03:53 AM

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