From Then (2008) to Now (2015)

by Joel Dahlin on January 14, 2015

From Then (2008) to Now (2015)

Dahlin Development has come a long way since 2008. It was started by myself when I left the corp world to become a freelancer. I was working for a development firm that was acquired  by a new firm. Having been thinking about going out on my own already, I saw it as a sign. Let's give this a shot. Looking back I had no real plan on anything. I had one small client that I was moonlighting with at the time, but nothing really significant. I just knew there was a lot of demand for developers and if it didn't work out I could always go back and find a job. At the time my wife was pregnant with our first child. Needless to say she was not too keen on the idea of me leaving a "secure job" to become a freelancer. After months of me talking about it she finally gave in and said, "go for it". She's been nothing but supportive ever since I made the leap.

For the first few years I pretty much took on any gig that was related. Then in the summer of 2011 I took a bigger gig doing a Kentico project. I had done a few beforehand, but this one was much bigger than the previous ones. I learned a lot and became more confident in my Kentico skills. I started picking up more Kentico gigs and then started attending Kentico Connection and meeting everyone in the community. Kentico is what I would really build my business on.

More and more work came in that I couldn't handle alone. I found a local developer, Jeff Steil, who had his startup going on but was looking to bootstrap it with some consulting hours. I was very fortunate to find Jeff, he is a quick learner that has fit well with Dahlin Development. Jeff and I both are now Kentico Certified Developers.

We also have a UI/UX designer that I have worked with from the beginning, Micah Iverson. Micah actually found me looking for a developer to help with one of his startups. Micah has been another great colleague. Additionally I met Adam Streit while on a contract at General Mills. His front-end skills are awesome. He has rounded out our team of 4.

From 1 to 4, Dahlin Development is now a team I am very proud of.

Learn more about each of us on our team page.

Hozefa Mangalorewala
Nice, I am a week old in Kentico and was trying to find success stories of learning Kentico. This blog post of yours inspired me. Looking forward for more blog entries to help fellow developers in Kentico world.

If you don't mind could you share some learning resources to pick up Kentico with pace.
1/19/2015 3:41:18 PM

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