Cloudberry for Cloud Storage Management

by Joel Dahlin on January 25, 2015

Cloudberry for Cloud Storage Management

Cloudberry Lab offers a lot of products that work with every major cloud storage provider. I find myself deploying more and more sites to Windows Azure. Cloudberry Lab's Cloudberry Explorer for Microsoft Auzre Blog Storage is a great solution for managing files directly in the storage.

CloudBerry Explorer for Azure Blob Storage is a SIMPLE file manager for the cloud storage. CloudBerry Explorer allows accessing and managing Azure storage accounts as well as moving files and folders between your computer and cloud storage. CloudBerry Explorer for Microsoft Azure comes in two versions – Freeware and PRO. Freeware client for Azure Blob Storage allows tracking, analyzing and debugging your usage of storage. It also comes with full support for Microsoft Azure Storage Analytics.

It works just like an ftp client does and also allows you to put in your CDN alias to create links for you.

If you're looking to manage your files in Azure or any other storage provider be sure to check their products out.



Sophia Gabriel
cloudberry could be a good help for less hassle transfer of files to azure. nice post!
7/6/2015 5:16:35 PM

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